Developing gamemode - need betatesters

Me (Xcisso) and my mate (Roxxo) is currently developing a gamemode, and we need beta testers that want to help us make the mod better. We are in a very early stage of development, so alot of stuff still needs to be done. All codes/maps/models/materials/sounds are made by us, from scratch(If not, creds will be given).

About the gamemode:

The setting of the gamemod will be in the middel age. It will be a mix between RP, PvP(focused on melee combat, bows and maybe crossbows will be included), castle defense and capture the flag.

What to do in-game(The plans so far. Will probably get changed around alot) :
The players get split up in 2 teams, each with a caste and a prop to defend. The goal of the game is to break into the enemy teams castle, and steal a prop/kill their king(A npc that will be placed on the roof of the castle). Each castle has a door, that the enemy team have to break before they can enter the castle. RPG elements will be added, along with a crafting system.

Features(Things we already have implemented):

  • Level up system: You will get slight upgrades as you level up. You will also have access to better weapons and armor.
  • Money system: You get gold from killing other players, wich you can use to buy better weapons or upgrade your armor. You will also get a small amount of gold for winning each round.
  • In-game shop(buy wepons and armor)
  • Custom weapons(Armor will also be added)
  • Different weapon types that does more/less damage to armor(mace, axe, sword)

What we are planning to add in the future:

  • Crafting system(You have to go out and get materials to craft various weapons and armor).
  • Some sort of talent system.
  • Custom player models.
  • More then 2 teams(?)
  • An armor value, so that you take less physical damage.
  • A few bow/crossbow SWEPS.
  • More maps.
  • Inventory(To hold weapons/armor/crafting materials)

What we want from the beta testers:

  • You have to be interested in making the gamemode better.
  • We need you to give us feedback on what you thing about the gamemode/what we can do to improve it.
  • Abit of time to do the testing(pref weekends).

If you are interested, add me on steam: vindukraake1.

Constructive criticism/ideas are also welcome here, if you have anything you want to share. (:


A Medieval RP gamemode… The only type of RP that I like.

Would be nice if you could show us some media.

Yes, this post will be updated with pictures and maybe movies, but we haven’t rly gotten too far on the visuals(hud, models and weapons), so its not too much to see atm.

You say you have already added some custom weapons, how about showing those?