Developing Gamemode's?

Hey guys,

So I used to run a fairly successful set of servers, Mainly a game-mode called basewars.

So in this gamemode, you start your life in the server with nothing but £1,000. Every 5 minutes you receive a “Paycheck” of £100, the aim of this gamemode is to start a Faction, build a team and build the biggest base, produce as much money as possible and raid and destroy other factions.

There’s a lot more to the game mode than this but those who played this will know it.

I also ran a bunch of PERP servers, and again will be looking to re-create this gamemode in the new S&BOX.

Currently I’m kind of writing the basics of the gamemode’s without much idea, as I don’t yet have S&Box and a low workshop score so i cannot access it early, however looking forward to having these modes back in the community as they were enjoyed by a large amount of my players.

Is there anywhere with documentation on programming for the new S&Box so I can further my development while I wait for an early access copy / the release of the beta?


The wiki has some documentation, but if you’re going to make stuff the Discord is full of discussions about development, only in the dev access channels though, so you will need S&box for that.

Luckily it can’t be that long until you get your copy, you’re a server owner and you said you’re already programming the gamemode so you must have some addons, pretty much anyone with more than 1 workshop score should almost be already in.

Yeah I’ve got the Wiki, I’ve sadly got a workshop score of 1 on my current steam account, so won’t be getting Dev access anytime soon.

I’ll keep on building what I can for now, and hope that some way or another i’m able to land myself a copy - I’ve got some really cool ideas that i’d love to have ready for the launch date :slight_smile:

Here are some useful resources regarding programming and modelling for s&box.

let me know if it helps cheers.

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