Developing Halo 1+2 Map Pack

I been working on this for months. Below are some pictures of the maps I been working. Let me know what you think. Remember this is only a alpha, as in incomplete and work in progress.

**** Beta Release Update v1.3**** (Released Sunday, April 15, 2012 @ 2:34 PM - Pacific Time)
Download Halo 2 Map Pack by SpyShadow - Contains only headlong, its in Beta Phase. Updates will come.

"" Looking For Hammer Mappers to help on Brush Work! If interested, drop me a line ""

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working on…

Halo 1 Bloodgulch
Halo 2 Headlong
Halo 2 Zanzibar

Everyone Loves Pictures :smiley: (Click on a link below to see a picture)

H1 - Bloodgulch
*No Updates for bloodgulch yet!

Game / Blue Base
Game / Red Base
Template + My Work / Blue Base
Template + My Work / Red Base

H2 - Headlong
*Added more models to level
*optimized the map a bit for more FPS
*Added Halo 2 Human Turrets (NPC Usable!)
*Other things I can’t remember

Image Update - Sunday, April 15, 2012 @ 2:34 PM - Pacific Time

Updated Screenshot 1
Updated Screenshot 2
Updated Screenshot 3
Updated Screenshot 4
Updated Screenshot 5
Updated Screenshot 6
Updated Screenshot 7
Updated Screenshot 8
Updated Screenshot 9
Updated Screenshot 10
Updated Screenshot 11

Old Screenshot 1
Old Screenshot 2
Old Screenshot 3
Old Screenshot 4
Old Screenshot 5
Old Screenshot 6
Old Screenshot 7
Old Screenshot 8
Old Screenshot 9

Old Xbox Screenshot
Old Screenshot

H2 - Zanzibar
*Beginning Brush Work - 20% completed

Zanzibar Map Template

Image Update - Wednesday, March 28, 2012 @ 8:55 PM - Template + Current Progress

Hope ya guys enjoy the pictures. Headlong will be getting another update package release.
Once update is out, I will work on bloodgulch and get that level added. I am also making progress on Zanzibar.

Nice, but wrong section.

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It’s definetly recognizable, But i’ll need to see how good the texture work will be to judge it.

Your work looks amazing.

If you would like I could send you my halo 2 textures and other halo related textures I got.

[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb]

[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb]

It looks amazing. I’m really liking it. I’m not too big of a Halo fan, but I can tell you’re doing a great job on the map.

Dev textures always seem to look great, something about the lighting makes it looks so smooth.

Looking forward to the full release.

Yes, that can help me out, if ya like send me a link to them and I pop them in when I begin texturing. I will also add bloodgulch pictures too and bloodgulch is at the same stage as this map is, as in, developing this the geometry. bloodgulch this needs to have its displacements completed and then texturing will begin on that map. Got to say tho, I got the teleporter effect working and its awesome :smiley:

I also got a question to ask, is it ok to have displacements overlapping each other? Because it was really hard to make those displacements in headlong. Well, I got a couple of objects I will try to achieve on headlong and other maps.

  1. Almost exactly the same as the xbox version
  2. optimizing it to work on old hardware
  3. Updating it to better looking textures (optional)

I will add a picture of headlong from xbox and then add the one I made and its almost exact.

I actually like the process of building the map around the mesh from the actual game.
Seems like a really good way to get it accurately

Yah, I was first doing it in google sketchup but after a while of having many different brush’s, the export plugin begin to have bugs. So I scratched that idea and then went ahead of getting the mesh into hammer as a template. Had to size the level first sense halo’s scale compared to source is very different. Halo is smaller compared to source. I finally got a hardest part of headlong done which is the stairs near the tunnel. Got to finish the buildings on the outside of the level, do some touch ups and begin texturing.

Awesome, And yeah, i’ve had experience with different size meshes for different games.
Did you know GTAIII is 40 times smaller then Source? Atleast until the progtagonists model is head height with a citizen model.

Looks really awesome, I always liked Blood Gulch

Haha great reminds me of 8th Grade when we had giant ass LAN matches in school with the halo demo, would love to this finished

Yah, I sure do remember those days. In high school, after school, a teacher let us used the computers to play some halo multiplayer on LAN. I brought an xbox for halo 2 LAN too. Sure was fun.

I this got done on finishing the left hand side of headlong. I am now focusing on the top and right hand side. Basically, the outside buildings.

Will Coagulation be in this?

Yes, It will take me a while to do every single map but I plan on releasing each map. When a map is released, you will apply it like a update and it will appear in garrysmod. Eventually it will get to the point where all maps are available.

These maps are going to be so sexy.

I can’t wait myself to mess around on them when there finished. I almost got headlong outside building’s geometry finished. Then once that is done, I be walking around the map in the game looking for holes, brush’s not aligned right, ect… basicly, touch ups, then I begin texturing, so I am 90% done of geometry of the map. Texturing is probably going to be a challenge for me. I be using the xbox original textures from halo 2, I ran a test of a texture already with bump and alpha’s and it looks even better in source compared to halo 2, I was like, holy ###.

That is because halo reach is source with dynamic lighting and a few more shaders.

Source is even better than halo reach in AA, render distance, resolution and the list goes on. Because that is what being limited to 512mb vram even in 2011-2012 gives you.