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I’m restarting my community, and I would like to have someone who knows how to code on my team to get the servers quickly back up and running again. I have for the most part finished our forum, as shown below. I just need a lua coder he can devote his time to helping get the community up and running. A lot is already coded, and I would just enjoy another helper. I refuse to use coderhire/scriptfodder or any other variation. The server will plan to be completely custom. Please, leave a comment or add me on steam for more info.



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My apologies, the image failed to display for whatever reason.

Anyone interested?

Depends how payment is being handled.

edit: Not sure about the dumb/disagree. I’m more than happy to help out, but no price was mentioned and this seemed like a hiring post.

Well, didn’t even say there was payment for one. But 20%.


People aren’t going to put in work for just 20%, it’s a whole hell of a lot better to just do their own thing.

Ask the pro BlueBull107 :v:

Tad unnecessary

Well, what are you bringing to the table here? You need to give users a reason why there should work with you instead of their own

I’m assuming it’s quite a lot, considering you’ll be getting 80%

To be honest it’d just be some simple tweaks. I just need someone to probably take smaller things. Things along the line of a HUD or something like that. I plan to have more than one dev, so it’s not like you’d be doing everything. If I have one dev, then maybe they’d get more. But I haven’t had anyone that interested yet, so I doubt anyone will.

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Then they don’t have to work for me. I don’t need anyone for say. I would just like someone to help me get it running quicker.

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It’s not really a hiring post, no. That’d be scriptfodder or coderhire. I am looking for a partner to develop of a nice community with.

If you’re partnering with someone to create a community, it should be split 50/50, not 20/80.

Have your opinion. If I’m doing the majority of the work, which is already done. It should be that way. ESPECIALLY, when we also have to fund the servers out of that cash.

If you are doing majority of the work then why have you not listed what you have done yet or what you can bring to the table.

You’re not seeing this from a developer’s perspective. The truth is, there are not alot money to be made on a GMod game server really, and splitting that 80/20 wouldn’t be worth the time or effort.

Imagine a scenario where we turn the tables where I get 80% and you 20%. We manage to pull in $100 / mo. Game server costs are $30 / mo, web hosting $5 / mo. That leaves $65 / mo. That would give you $13 for this awesome HUD that you made and me $52. Wouldn’t it benefit you more to go to Coderhire or the new Scriptfodder and release that HUD for, let’s say $10? 2 purchases and you got $7 more.

Just food for thought.

Depending on how you go about things and what your morals are you are mistaken.

Because im busy…pretending to know what im doing.

Edit: Why ya gotta be so rude Pheonix?

Look guys, the server is new. I figure, 60% of it will have to go to actually funding the servers for a while considering we wouldn’t be getting that many donations. If you’re that interested, I honestly don’t need any of the cash. I just want a good server running. If you’re a good coder, and you honestly feel like you’re interested. Then you can have all of the extra cash that isn’t used to fund it.

Few spots left. Looking for probably one more coder.

Oh for god’s sake everyone here is begging for money, I will help add me on Steam: DrVrej
Am I really the only coder left that doesn’t sell scripts or do things without money? -_-

Yes it’s all about money /s. Lets ignore the fact that other people might have projects they’re working on and don’t have the time to develop for someone else.

That may be so, but most developers in this thread have only brought up the money factor :stuck_out_tongue: I just wanted to point that out.