[Development]Cataclysm Roleplay

Cataclysm RP is the gamemode i have been working on for a while, it is COMPLETELY FROM SCRATCH.
It will be based in a Post-Armageddon World, likely a map custom made (by myself).

List of Features:
-Inverntory - DONE
-Custom HUD - DONE
-Banking - DONE

**-Credits - WIP
-Warnings - WIP
-Leveling - WIP
-Scavanging - WIP
-Crafting - PLANNING/WIP
-Machines - PLANNING/WIP **
-Quests - PLANNING
-Mining - PLANNING
-Electricity - PLANNING
-Natural Resources - PLANNING
-Factions / Companys - PLANNING
–And Many More.

Pictures so far:



– I will not be accepting donations yet as i do not feel it right when the gamemode is still in a near unplayable state.
i will accept donations when it is in a more polished and playable state so i can continue updating. all who donate will get
credits to spend, prices will likely be around:

£1.50 = 1,500 credits
£2.50 = 2,500 credits
£5.00 = 5,000 credits
£10.00 = 12,000 credits (20% free)
£20.00 = 25,000 credits (25% free)
£30.00 = 39,000 credits (30% free)





Please Comment and Review, gamemode is WORK IN PROGRESS and WILL NOT BE RELEASED (at least for a long time.)

I like the fact that you have actually made the effort to put a twist on your gamemode rather than sticking to the same old “Get gundealer sell guns only real source of finance”. Also, I enjoy it more when people use generic HL2 props rather then getting custom ones because really its saves time on all the content and most of the time works just as well.

Yes, the main custom content is a fair few .pngs 48x48 for the inventory, and the custom map, there may be 1 or 2 custom models, but only when i cant find anything that fits at all.

omg u stole this from darkrp troll!!!

In all seriousness, it looks really good. Can’t wait to try it out.

Thanks, add me on steam, im on it currently, if you want you can have a play with the inventory
and stuff (offer open to anyone)

as far from a darkrp mod as you can get:

Very neat and orderly, nice, and as far as the gamemode goes not half bad, of course there’s currently not a whole lot to judge.

Update: Automatic Fences edition!
Place the wooden pole at one point, place the other wooden pole at the other and trigger it and it will spawn wall between it frozen and correct angle!

HUGE THANKS TO FOOSHY, for helping me get them to face the right angle so there wernt gaps.

Those fences are a great idea almost like the old style combine laser fence. Simple and likely to reduce the amount of fail fences you get.

Another great gamemode, keep up the good work

This looks quite good, you say it won’t be released is that because you’re saying it’s no where near complete or that you won’t do so ever?

Also have you considered a public github repo to allow people to track progress or even make additions?

looking good nice job

Private because i dont intend to release the code, at least not for a while, if i did, id probibly be selling modifications of this mod as im getting short on $$$

Selling gamemodes? Do you want to seriously want to further contribute to the death of this community?

-if i did- and i probibly wouldn’t as ive put too much time into it.

Yet you made your title say Half Life 2 Roleplay one of the most selling gamemodes.

Its the future of garrysmod gamemodes. Since everyone now decides that every new gamemode has to be part of a new community the only incentive is to do that or charge for it. Otherwise people assume its not of good enough quality. DarkRP is probably the only gamemode now that is really being developed and therefore likely to be the last that is free. Nobody seems to be logically approaching anything in a gamemode unless there is money involved.

My title is a joke about how people buy conna’s scripts then setup ~unique~ half life 2 roleplay servers

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I remember when you could download Tacoscript 2, Cakescript, ect now every gamemode is private or sold. Vein is underrated as fuck and the usual “It’s not clockwork/tacoscript/whatever the fuck” comes up when you talk to people about it. It’s really, really, annoying.

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Selling a gamemode is retarded regardless, going down the path Conna took is a horrible idea

No, the way id sell it is id modify it heavly for just that customer and offer limited updates, then after that they can get someone else to update it instead.

I feel as though this isn’t the right time and place to derail another thread considering how much effort OP has put in go create a good looking, functional and original game mode. Well, original might be a tad to far…

Still, nice job but tone down on the money side of things until you have the finished content

I’d suggest for your fence system to instead use something like ropes with a barbed wire texture, and apply hurt/slow when people walk into it.
Either way though, this is pretty interesting so far.