Development contributions

Question. If anyone would like to contribute to the project Rust project beyond just submitting bug reports, what would be the best way to go about that? Seems a lot of people are contributing by submitting custom skins for game objects through Steam Workshop. I’m more interested in modelling objects. Is there a list of desired game objects people can submit for the developers to use? I’m not evening looking to get paid, more so just want to sharpen my modelling skills while contributing to a project that I think is especially cool.

That’s all. Cheers.

I’m also curious about this.
I’m pretty new to rust (3 weeks) but i really like it and i read that facepunch want the players to influence the development.
I do 3D and artworks and a place to share idea with community is a great concept.
I like the concept art trello and it’s sad that we can’t comment or contribute !

Unless I remember completely wrong, some have been hired/contracted by simple making forum posts of their creations.

Other than that though, you probably would need to contact the devs.


But there’s no sub-section in the forum, every subject are mixed. Not very clear !

Contact the devs ? I’m not sure they want to be spammed !

They don’t really use trello anymore.

Yeah, I’m hesitant to contact the devs directly, largely because I imagine they already have a ton of things inbound. I figure posting here would be relevant and maybe a dev or two will see this thread and offer suggestions for design focus.

Perhaps it would be a good idea just to step back and consider what I would really like to see in this world, make it, share here, and see what happens. Either way, Rust is cool, and I’d like to boast of having helped it along.