[Development] PCF & Jamzzster Mapping


Jamzzster and I met over on Facepunch forums. He was a busy guy but sometimes we chatted together. One day I offered him PCF services, and he accepted it, so now we are working together to bring some good maps and films to you guys, so please enjoy our services.

Our Plans:

We plan to bring striving maps to Garrys Mod community and good videos of them. We will be creating some maps for some gamemodes like; roleplaying, deathmatch, build etc.


Q: What does PCF stand for
A: PCF stands for PureConceptFilms they do professional videos; Machinima, Gameplay Videos, Tutorials, Special FX Intro’s, and More!

Q: What does PCF do for you
A: We record the new maps and beta test.

Q: Did Jamzzster agree to post this thread
A: Yes, he did

Q: What map is in current development
A: rp_townsend_V2

Our Websites



Website: www.Jamzzster.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Jamzzster


Website: www.PC-Films.net
Twitter: www.twitter.com/PureConceptFilm

Mapping Screenshots:









Note: This thread is still in development

Is this just a W.I.P Thread?

I think it is, shows W.I.P of their projects and links videos of them etc.

Oh, nothing really exciting then, maps look nice but, not really interesting.

Yes it is a WIP. We also make Mapping Videos, Video Promotions, Gamemode Promotions for people. If you would like any of PCF Services you can email or pm me.

Email: legend@pc-films.net

How the fuck did it take 6 years for the username “music” to be taken?


on topic:
so you guys are making movies for maps? And one of you are also a mapper?
are you like giving out service? like if someone have a map they want a video to, you are the ones to ask?

Yeah I’m the mapper and yes we offer to make movies for peoples maps,

Oh, the city-and-train-maker-dude. I knew your name was familiar…

Also if you guys don’t mind following us on Twitter, it would be great (Y). Also we do competitions but you must be following us on Twitter, Yesterday we gave a SC2 Guest Pass away. :S

Were you the one who said the same about my name?