Development Team Required

Hello Guys,

I haven’t been on here for so long! I am currently looking for a team of 5 or more people, some to be graphics designers, lua coders and some mappers to help develop some awesome new game modes. I have some ideas but if you have some as well it would be awesome. There could be a fair amount of payment in it at the end of it all and to be honest having abit of fun is of no harm aye?

Why help? I am a IT Tech Geek with HTML, CSS, JS, JAVA, C# C++, LUA and PHP experience but have very little time to develop anything of my own. All i am really looking for is to be able to create gamemodes, addons, maps and run several game servers. I can fund the projects and fund the servers if need be. I had ran a gaming community for over four years but recently dispersed it because i have lost the amount of time i could spend on it.

There is one catch… The catch to it is i will need you to sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) in order to ensure that the work we do is kept secret and is not leaked until we publish it live.

If anyone is interested in this project drop me an email at:

No troll’s please, this is for a serious project and if you get involved you could be making a fair amount of money from it.

Get in touch!



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Well at least you aren’t a 2012’er, and (say you) can bring to the table.

Can you post some pictures or other media proving you aren’t just another useless ideas guy?
Also you’ll have to pay along the way and not just say that the developers that dedicate many hours “could be making a fair amount of money”.

Least he is friendly :\