Devil May Cry 3 (Weapons)

After long moths of deadness, I’ve decided to pick up work again (again). This time, it’s the weapons of Devil May Cry 3.

Okay, so now I’ve updated a bit more somewhat. I’ve redone the E&I scaling, as well as fixed the Yamato grip. And yeah, I know, the Yamato blade looks weird and off center in the “Weapons so far” render… Don’t ask me, I have no idea.

Weapons so far: (Only shows current weapons, may not be up to date)

Individual Renders:




  • Skull texture/shape needs fixing
  • Rest of model needs more scratched/beaten texture


  • Tacky gold ornaments on sheath removed
  • Grip fixed:


  • It’s a bonus inclusion into the project, don’t expect many updates on this one
  • Okay, so now it only has crap UV mapping.

The Sparda

  • Another bonus inclusion.
  • Other side done
  • It’s kinda flat, and badly textured, since I ripped it straight off my reference pic, and the Alastor texture in some places.

Ebony & Ivory

  • Scale fixed
  • Ivory sights need doing
  • Still needs texturing



Damn it’s been a while seen i see yah, well anyways the models look just awesome.

Also what ever happen to your other projects?

I like them but I think they need a bit more detail, define the sword edges and such.

Think you could hack up some v_ models for these?

I’m sure someone could do something cool as to the lua components.

Well, I might get to work on them again, who knows? But for now, until the return of the holy Nii and the almighty Xero, the Final Fantasy stuff is on hold. :derp:

If you read my post, you’ll see that that’s exactly what I intend to do.

What program you use to create this models?

3DS Max.

Oh, and coincidentally, is anyone interested in a port of…

Yamato would be nice.

Yamato texturing is almost done for now, problem is it’s on my other comp. I’ll try get it up sometime soon.



Now all I need to do is learn to rig. Which might be quite troublesome as some of Vergil’s vertexes are welded. Like his hand to his coat.

Where can I download this?


is more cool him without the coat


I mean,where I can download the 3DS Max?Is free?

Not free. Expensive.

Not only will it burn through your pants to get your wallet, but probably go through and singe your ass a little too. About $3500 methinks.

Edit: And frankly, I like the coat.

Virgil would be awesome to see i- DO LADY :argh: -n Garrys mod

PS. I Missed your stuff

Is there another program like that one but free?If exist,where I can download?


Forget,I find one


Forget,I find one


osp,duble post


  • Yamato now has a texture
  • Yamato now has better detail
  • Rebellion now has a more or less completed awakened form
  • Adjusted Rebellion Skull Scale (still not happy with it though)

Glad to see you’re still on this.
Oh. have you played Devil may cry 4 yet? Yamato looks so bad ass in that

Not yet. I’m waiting for the PC version (strange as that may seem). Anyone know when it ships?

April or June I think.

Bump for progress update.
I really want a copy of Rebellion for putting into Oblivion for my remake of Dante.