Devil May Cry 4 Demons

Just requesting all the Devil May Cry 4 Demons from the game as I pretty much want them to be ragdolls, here are some pictures.

Do you the models for these ones?

Sadly no, but for any others that are like hardcore Final Fantasy gamers i have some new FF object files, But right now i cant upload them cause im on a different computer

I am actualy slowly working on the monsters , recently i only discovered a way to compile high poly models.

If i get them all done i might release it as a pack.

Holy fuck I would love you forever. Those look amazing.

:smiley: that’d be great :slight_smile:

I’ve already Ripped a million of them. Alot of these would make decent Player Models and Ragdoll’s…

Those are also looking awesome :smiley:

Well i have some of the newer ones from the new game FFXIII, heres the object files.

This includes
And Sarah.

I was able to get my hands on those rather easily. but havn’t had the chance to look them over in my old mod tool

Those lizard guys are sweet, but I’m still pissed no one ported Nero or Dante (without the heavy ass sword attached to the ragdoll)

I LUUUV YOU MAN!!! Those obj will be useful!

Oh wow, there’s some really ace work in this thread.

Hope a lot of this stuff comes through!

Nero has been ported silly :stuck_out_tongue: look on the thread I had about Nero on the requests and he should be their, Including Lady ^^

Actually you know what sorry I’m lazy but heres the thread

actually you can find lady here

Any progress at all?

who is the green guy is private or uploaded?

That’s DT’s personal model/skin

And their is no need to reply with the images on the others post cause it just makes the thread longer…