Devil May Cry 4 Lady,Trish, and Gloria

I have the object files of all 3 girls and I’m looking for some one who would like to use these and make them into ragdolls and be usable in Garry’s Mod. So please if any one could do this I would be happy

Link for object files-

i got the files an im going to start some work on them later on today

werent u guys arguing the other day

yesh but still

Well I thought that I could be nice for now. I don’t feel like getting banned.

Give it a try guys!

Eh if Killer gets this to be good I’ll let him say It’s his work, but at least give me 1 Credit.

just trying to get the materials to apply before i even think of rigging as my GUI will only let me compile if everything has been applied :frowning:

Oh alrighty, Well do what oyu have to do, I’ll wait for it :slight_smile: just keep up the good work.

This may turn out to be interesting.

uhh problem were ever you got these from some of the materials wont apply properly but i’ll see what i can do

Well here is Lady shes got faceflexs no eye posing shorts need editing and the model isnt complete i got rid of the flexes around the eye and eyebrow for the glasses version, for some reason the flex morphs the glasses aswell they r both seperate meshes maybe thats why it also corrupts the hair but it is not as noticable hopefully a expert would know how to fix that besides attaching the glasses to the main mesh and having to redo all the flexes again @_@

anyways heres lady :smiley:

(was to lazy to make a ingame picture so ya :s)

(if u want the glasses tranparent go into the glasses Lens vmt and get rid of the // by “translucent” 1 i dunno body how to do bodygroups thats why i sent 2 versions)


ilu :d

do trish nao

Wow, killer work. An incredibly solid port, the flexes are great, fingerposing is fine, easy to manipulate…Lady just headbutted poor Mario off a skyscraper in gm_bigcity :smiley:

Hope you’ve got the time and energy to do Trish as well!

Is it bad I kinda prefer Ladys hair that colour?

What program do you user to open that Lady model??
I dont have Garrymod in my computer.