Devil May Cry 4 models

Well those are all models from Devil May Cry 4. I used Noesis and 3ds max 2010 to export them. Modelsin max 2010, textures dds. Those models have bones. :stuck_out_tongue: (original game bones). The models are property of their respectable owners: Capcom.

My old liks were dead, so I have made new set of linksfor this one. There’s one addition here… the models are for max8. :wink: So more people will be able to use those. :stuck_out_tongue:

Note: Not all of the models on that screan!

Besides “making a better world” and freezing to death… Atleast Napoleon did something good for once. Here have a Cookie! Or better yet, a Medal!

Possibly a dumb question but is this release for GMOD or is this a model release to be ported to gmod?

I think its a ported topic…but might download them just to see :stuck_out_tongue:

Napoleon! My dude!

I support, DMC4 had good-looking models.

Don’t we already have a Nero and Lady though? A Dante and Trish would be pretty great.

We do have a Nero and Lady, along with a Dante as well, but a better Nero and Dante model would be great.

Ah, right. I seem to remember Lady didn’t have eyeposing either.

Here’s to hoping.

Any chance we could get some of the boss’s ported? like the first and second boss?

Very nice! Thanks for extracting this!

As Pyriel said, there are some pretty cool bosses there. Not sure if they are in the pack.

Would be nice to see some of the Civilians and the other soldiers. So far all we have for the holy order are the Knight deamons.

He directly said they’re in Max 2010. Admittedly that makes it a pass for me and anyone who doesn’t use max2010+

Well, those are all characters, including the bosses. :wink: All in max 2010 file format whit bones.

Edit: I can always export them as *.dae… If the public demands it.

oogaboogaman get them bosses nao.

Hello again. I have updated the topic, whit the models in DAE and FBX file format. You can check them out on the bottom of the first post.
Note: You need the above two packs in order to use those models (in DAE and FBX), since that third pack does not contains textures. I felt that there’s no need to upload something that was allreaady there. :P. I have cept the directory structure intact so you can simply extract ower the first extracted packs. :wink:

You are a nice person.

Where do I put the models?

You don’t. These models are not ready for the source engine.

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links broken…
can reupload the files.

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