Devil may cry

Noticed that on the site there are absolutely no characters from Devil may cry (only Gloria). May be someone from modelers creates a few models from this Universe.
P.S. No matter dressed or naked.

I started working on these a few months ago. If the project I was working on these for ever finally comes back, I’ll finish it up.

Pretty sure someone released a few versions of DmC Dante on the Steam Workshop. There’s also DMC4 Dante, Nero, and DMC4 Lady with a different hair color.

DTmech also ported a couple of enemies:

LOL WUT? no dmc characters are you serious have you searched go look in workshop you will find dmc nero dmc4 dante the new dmc dante gloria and a few other dmc characters

I don’t like the new DMC and new characters too. I’m talking about DMC 1-4. Good only Gloria model. Lady does not work on SFM, Dante and Nero is ragdolls, without faceposing,eyeposing etc. No models Kyrie, trish, Vergil, Lucia in the end…

Have you tried looking for these models? because the last time i checked when i ran my gmod nero and dante dmc4 and the new dmc have face posing eyeposing etc, unless my computer is playing tricks with my games