This gamemode is currently in Alpha, it is constantly being updated and is nowhere near finished!

Please note this gamemode is complete a rewrite Sunrise, and doesn’t contain a single line of code from it! However it maybe considered a Sunrise 2.

Server open alpha currently running at

You may have heard of Sunrise, to be specific Devinity is a continuation on from Sunrise: a new era, made by the same developers. Sunrise: A new Era was never finished so they (Portalcake and Killers2) set out to improve it and get it into a completed state.
Currently, this gamemode is no where near completion as it is still in the alpha stage, and will have many future updates.
Devinity has been in development for a long time, going through many massive updates and overhauls, so much that you would barely be able to tell the new and old versions used to be the same gamemode.
It is a unique combination of gameplay elements from games such as EVE: online and Freelancer, but with many of our own elements added in, further enhancing the player experience.

I am not going to give a long winded description of Devinity, instead I will describe some of the elements of gameplay.
I can’t go describing all the new features added, as there are so many. Note: ID= In development.

A large, dynamic multiverse
Devinity’s galaxies appear to be a size never before thought possible in Garry’s Mod.
It would take you a decent amount of time to cross from one side of the galaxy to another, hence making space a vast explorable area.
Apart from this the galaxies are forever changing; asteroid belts shift, factions claim territory, new space stations appear and pirates move from one place to another.

Feel like earning some money in a more interesting way? Talk to the Missions NPC and commit to a mission, once you manage to complete it you can go back to the station to collect a cash reward.
You could do things such as killing a certain number of pirates, or delivering packages to earn some cash. More and more missions will be implemented as development progresses.

In Devinity NPC pirates roam the abyss, searching for vulnerable players to pillage.
They could be your worst nightmare, or you could take them to your advantage.
‘Pirate Hunting’ is commonplace in Devinity, often done with friends you can go around searching for pirates to kill, you will have to be careful though as many of these pirates are extremely skilled and can wipe you out in seconds.
You get the Pirates bounty when you open up their wreck, this varies on how powerful the pirate is.
If you are doing this with friends you can go to the station and use the bank to share the dosh around.

Note: A new, even better station is coming soon.

In the center of the galaxy there is a large, walk-around space station. This has many purposes:

  • Buying and selling things such as minerals and weapons.
  • Storing money in the bank and exchanging it with other players.
  • Interacting with other players; this could be just messing around, or perhaps playing minigames(ID).
  • Forging weapons. (ID)
  • Observing space (ID)
  • Requesting missions.
  • General messing around.

Advanced bank/money system
In Devinity you can earn money in many ways, and you will need somewhere to store it all.
You can keep your money safe from being taken if you get killed by storing it in the bank.
In this bank you can also give or exchange money with other players.

Immersive combat system
The combat system in Devinity allows you to have extensive and massive battles.
Based of EVE’s combat system, you can locate enemy ships, target them, and obliterate.
As I said, you can have massive battles, the only limit to the amount of players in a battle is the player count in the server, so you could even see 64 vs 64 battles.
With many factions present in Devinity, you will also see many large battles between them for territory and to resolve disputes.

Asteroid mining
Like in EVE, you can mine Asteroids.
However it isn’t as easy as it may seem.
There are many different minerals spread out across the universe, some massively more valuable than others.
To reach these valuable minerals, you will have to travel deep into the outer reaches of space and battle many pirates on your way.
It is a risky business indeed.

In Devinity you have the choice of joining a faction or creating your own.
There is a fully fledged system set up to make this system as simple as possible for the player. These factions often have huge battles over territory, and allows new players to progress through the game easier.
Factions are given their own space station, which can be handy when you want to claim territory. Later on you will be able to dock in these stations and set up turrets to protect your turf.

Player ships
When you join the game you are given a basic shuttle to fly around in. This ship isn’t capable of much and soon your will be wanting a new one.
There is a plethora of ships available for purchase (due to the recent update there isn’t as many, but they are being constantly added), which have a variety different stats to suit your style of play.
These ships are customizable with different weapons, etc.

Complex weapon loadouts
All ships have a certain number of weapons slots available, meaning you can have a variety of different loadouts to suit your style of play/
For example if your a miner, you could have 6 T5 miners, or as a fighter you could have 6 Omega lasers, or if you wanted a mix you could have 3 of each.
All of the weapons have certain ‘Tiers’. For example a T1 mining laser would be the worst mining laser, and a T5 mining laser would be the best.
This means you can upgrade your weapons as you make more money.

And oh so much more!

I’m guessing many of you are going to skip reading the wall of text above to get to this, so enjoy!

Devinity - Cinematic Trailer 1 (in-game, filmed live as the battle went along) by Biohazard

Here’s an assload of screenshots for you guys to enjoy:


Is this Sunrise?
It maybe considered ‘Sunrise 2’ but it is not the same code.

Is this hosted by Liberty Gaming?

Then who is it hosted by?
It is hosted by Liquid Game; a mature community with many friendly members, with the resources to support this game mode to its full potential.

Can I apply to be a developer?
Sure! Simply join up on the Liquid Game forum and post a topic in the Divinity section stating that you want to become one.

How far along is development on Devinity?
It is quite early at this stage.

PortalCake - Lua, Team leader
Killers2 - Lua, minor mapping work.
Pheonix Storms- Models/Textures.

The LG team - Supporting this gamemode all the way!
The Maw - Models, textures, effects
Biohazard - Trailer, content of this thread
Youaremea - Mapper.
Dustpup - Mapper.
Firegod - Mapper.


TL;DR = Sunrise with new stuff coming soon.

Server: Coming Soon! (tempoarily down)
Note: Screenshots are slightly out of date but still similar.

Link to forums:

Server open alpha currently running at

Awesome, love the trailer :stuck_out_tongue:

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Gonna make another trailer next week hopefully :zoid:

Oh just a minor update for you.

I did not like how the sun was almost completely white so I made it slightly darker and bluer.

You guys need a server host? I have a 18 slot Dedi

No Payment :stuck_out_tongue:

No thanks, we have our own dedicated server with plenty of processing power spare.

If you guys need some mapping work I might be able to help out.


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Thank you for the offer DaApocalypse, if we are ever stuck for mapping we will take that into consideration.

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I had wondered where Phoenix Storms got to.

I’ve never played Eve, are these models a rip from that game or completely custom?

To the guy above, all of these models are custom

Sorry about the SQL error guys, it’s related to an arcade system we recently set up. Should be fixed soon. Also Pheonix Storms is a very new addition to our dev team, all the old ships (which are also sexy, you see them in the current trailer/screenshots) etc were made by the Maw, who is also a good modeler. So it should be interesting to see what he comes up with.

Here’s a sample of his first models for Devinity, a terminal replacement:


Also, is anyone interested in seeing an old gameplay video to see how much progress we have made over the past few months?

Looks pretty good.

Terminal looks epic in the dark.