Devmon's halo elite snpc!

I have made an halo elite snpc derived from xystus’s code, it has a working plasma rifle and custom sounds. I’m also throwing in the marines from halo, they have randomizing skins. I’ll make an elite with blue armor later. Also the marines have basic us army sounds.

I fixed the model problem.



File not found

Yeah i’m reposting, I forgot to add marine lua files. sorry.

Just try again in like 5 minuets.
its done

Did you make this or what?
I’m download anyway I love elites.

I made it basicly, xystus made most of code, I coded the plasma rifle based off of a the bolter, And I added sounds with the help of some dudes I gottsta credit later. So do you like it?

Error models.

Get new pack. just click link again.

There was already an elite NPC on, did you just add sounds though?

Sounds and a working plasma rifle for the npc, watch video. and the one you saw was a combine npc, not a snpc

Aw, there are still error models for me. :ohdear:

The plasma rifle is way to strong.

I fast in my download and install it in the addons folder and it gave error (sounds, model, until the marines were in error) the only model that worked was the elite that runs and throws so without any sound and is a type error in his plasma shooting hand = /

sorry not speak English and so the same translator.


e forgot to mention that downloaded the version 2 still not talking to you I got the old version.

Does everyone have errors?

I found what was wrong, I forgot to add the S in models, haha. I’ll upload fix on the morrow, for those of you who want fix now go to file and add an S to the end of the model folder. Also I’m making a red elite and a blue elite I’m testing them now.

oks could make the model work more the sound of the elite does not work.

type when the elite will load the ammunition is a sound but that is the grunt and the sound of Xystus.

Really? the grunts happen sometimes can’t fix that, The elite sound is a bit quiet so you may have to turn up the volume, also the death sounds don’t work i’ll upload fix later today with two new recolored armor elites.

photo progress in now, tell me if you want them in next fixed version.

Mhhh, I’ll say add red & blue, but reduce the color, I mean, this is to lighty, and sorry for my english ^^’

I say just add all of them. Do you think you can make any ODST npcs by any chance?

Already did, I’ll release this all by weekend. I’ll try to add sounds to marines.

Those animations just don’t work on nine-foot-tall dinosaurs with hooves.