Devolved Roleplay - Because Jackool Reappeared

1080P HD viewing is available!

There is much more to see by playing the gamemode yourself. IP is ""
This will be released at some point.

This is just an edit of his old gamemode “Liquid RP”

It looks pretty cool besides the ugly GUI

Liquid RP

This isn’t Liquid DarkRP at all… it has some similar aspects, but it is a recoded gamemode.
Liquid never had an equips system, upgrading your items, a custom F4, scavenging, total level, stamina, selling items with F2, a skill points system (gain new powers), a whole bunch of new skills (Liquid barely had any), smuggling, DJing, a black and white theme (Liquid was BLUE…), inventory slots (items would not move), and tons of other new ideas.

Yeah i see, you add some new features

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When this will be released?

I think that when you talk with the NPC that it shouldn’t spread out like that. Honestly that would just piss me off

I love how you claim to be doing things “different” when every single idea you’ve had has been recycled from heavily modified Dark RP servers besides the Taxi. Also I poop better GUI’s.

Completely disagree, why would you want 1 npc on a big ass map with stores and apartment that has information on everything? It would be better if the npcs were spread out among the map, thus players who do a certain thing such as grow melons are normally around the farmer npc.

Even though it is a darkrp edit, it is still a lot better than most. And if you get bored with one thing, dumpster diving, you can find another, traffic money. But you still have the main things people usually play with on any other darkrp like the money printers and weed plants.

Looks good, hope to see some nice updates to this.

I’m pretty sure he means the menu when you talk to an NPC. Instead of having it in one menu and you can scroll down options, or even have one option under another to quickly click one, the text that the NPC says is right in the center of your screen. The options go around the text. 0:55 - 1:00 on the video.

Aren’t these videos meant to show all the best parts of a gamemode? I mean, at 1:50, a rock you were mining actually ran away…

It took it’s chance for freedom and abandoned thread

Good thing I completely misread that post… but yea I get it now, kind of agree

Ugly as hell, like the concept although its just GMStranded and DarkRP smashed together.

That view bobbing is going to make me sick.

Too bad every single idea is taken from real life and not other roleplay servers (as I really don’t play any other servers) Also the GUI in those servers is much worse in most cases.
Also, comparing this server to other DarkRP servers - we are doing something different. 90% of those servers are horrible…

Anyway, DarkRP is currently being taken out of the gamemode. Won’t take long, only thing used was money, salary, voice radius, and a little jobs.

Guys, if you don’t like the gamemode, a little constructive criticism would be nice. Saying “I can poop a better GUI” and “That NPC chat would piss me off” doesn’t help me very much in improving the gamemode. I’m making this for release and you aren’t telling me how to improve it very much.

Jackool still lives :X?

Love it, Good job.

And i converted Liquid RP to 13 recently :l

windows 1998 rp