Devs: a request regarding keymapping

First off, I’ve been playing the game for about two weeks now, and I LOVE it! Really amazing game. I’ve been watching people play since legacy and recently decided to jump in. I’m blown away!

Now for my request. It’s about the keymapper. I’ve been playing FPS since way back in the days of Doom2 (old gamer alert!) and I’ve always modified my key setup. My setup is a little strange but it’s hard to play any other way.

The main issue I have with Rust is the left mouse button and the inventory system. I know most players use the default setup or have mouse 1 as their fire key, but my mouse 1 is set to move forward. I know it’s weird. But the problem comes with the inventory. When I’m in my inventory every time I drag an item around (with mouse 1 held) I move forward, which might not seem that bad but it’s really annoying. It causes me to walk into fires, move when I’m hiding from a man with a gun etc. I’ve actually set up two alternate keys to move me forward and one to move me back while in the inventory. Most times when I’m dragging an item around I’m hitting the backup key to cancel the forward key. You can imagine how that gets kind of annoying. Before a recent patch when I opened my inventory I could put on the “parking brake” so to speak, by hitting the chat key with the inventory open. That would lock any forward moment. Now I can’t do that anymore.

Now after some play time I realize the game is intended to allow you access your inventory while you’re running and moving. Awesome! I love that aspect.

My request: whatever you set your mouse 1 key to, could you have that key disabled while your inventory is open?

Hopefully this makes sense!

I feel your pain brother. I too am of the oft ridiculed mouse movement keybinding tribe. Did you ever get this sorted?