Devs action needed, 5 hackers loose destroying 50 doors in matter of seconds (proof)

Hello Devs/admins i got names of 5 people completely harrasing everyone on the server and killing many people with kilometers between them in seconds as well as destroying our 8 doors blockade up trough our base in less than a minute.

we used all day getting our gear and it is lost in 30 min cause we ran out of ammo to kill them with and no admins where to find.

here is the proof

and the names on the hackers are

And they were using the only hack of running across the map in 10 sec and hitting with a hatchet about 30 times per second.
it is uncut video and nothing has been changed its raw cut with no soundover.

So basically they attached cheatengine and used speedhack.

I’m sure they’ll be sorted soon; it’s only in early alpha and I’m sure the devs have their priorities set.


no, theyre doing something else

the dev team isn’t worrying about hackers right now so don’t expect anything to be done.