Devs confirm they are 'useless assholes'. Players now unsure what to troll about.

With the Devs confirming today that after the last (truly game changing) patch that they are ‘useless assholes’, forum members have been left unsure how to proceed next time they are unhappy with some minor irrelevant change in the game.

“It’s not really fair” stated Norman from Texas. "I resolve most of my anger issues by yelling at the Devs on the forums each time they change the cook time for my wolf meat, or move the iron sights slightly to the left. But of course secretly I thought they were a bunch of pretty talented game developers who achieve more ground breaking designs in a week than EA can manage in a year. How can I voice my mindless rage now? It would be like kicking a puppy.

It has been suggested that players should send letters of adoration and praise to the devs in hope of restoring Garry’s standard ‘Fuck you if you don’t like it’ attitude, which would once again allow players to get back to their unfocused whinging and avoid having to think about getting a job, a girlfriend or a life.

you forgot an end quote at the end of the second paragraph. yw

If you had’t pointed that out I could have gone on with life blissfully unaware.

Or perhaps at the end of the 3rd paragraph?