Devs: Need Vision for the Game? Take Mine! If Not, Then Just Enjoy!

Dear Diary,
Yesterday my friend and I checked the traps we had set, but someone else had found them first. Whatever rabbit or chicken had wandered into it was probably over someone’s camp fire by now.
We needed food though, so we kept looking. Not long after we came across a bear. Some idiot had tried to take it down by himself, and judging by his corpse nearby, he had only pissed it off.

The bear was too big to take down by yourself, but we knew what to do. I had crafted a bola out of two rocks and a rope back at camp, we were ready. I swung it around a few times before releasing it.
It whipped through the air and connected, tripping the bear up and preventing him from charging us. With the beast immobilized temporarily, we were able to make short work of it.
It was a big score, but we knew the meat wouldn’t last more than a day or two before it went bad. The group would be forced to gorge themselves back at camp that night.

Suddenly we heard footsteps approaching. Leaving what was left of our kill, we hid behind the rocks nearby. Peering out, I could see someone emerge from the trees, eyeing our hard earned food.
I was inclined to ambush him, until I saw what he was carrying. Some strange contraption, he had fastened three crossbows to an old rifle stock, long separated from its original weapon.
Each crossbow pointed a different direction out in an arc in front of him. We’d have to leave the rest of the food behind.

But that was yesterday, and tonight, I sat huddled around the campfire with a couple people from my group. The food from our hunt was long gone. You couldn’t survive the cold of the night without the fire going, or some warm clothes.
The group had scraped together enough wool to clothe one of our group members, who kept watch for roaming wolf packs or starving bandits during the night, while the rest of us stayed by the fire to keep warm, waiting for daylight.
There were only a couple logs left, and the full moon still hung high in the sky. “Where’s Matt?” I asked, “He was on wood duty, the fire’s about to go”. Everyone looked around at the other faces around the campfire.

“Oh man…I don’t think he ever made it back to camp,” someone said.
The last log burned. That’s when we realized. We were all fu-

*I hope you enjoyed it. This is possible using mostly assets that are in game already, and would make Rust the first real survival game. Scarce food, roaming enemies, creative weapons, lethal cold at night.
Toss the 12 story metal towers for tents, tee-pi’s. Most of these things would be easy to create with just some tweaking, and would create the actual dangers and needs that originally forced man to work together in real life.
PvP would stem from the need to survive, because someone had food or clothing or shelter that you needed to survive, not out of boredom. This is emergent. This could be Rust. *


Where are my forum regulars? If this thread was “omg admin abooz meh” we’d be 8 pages deep by now.

I believe in you guys.

Love it. I too want a REAL survival. Make it tough to find food, stay warm, build things and more importantly scale back the automatic rifles and such. We need spears, slingshots and more weapons that are plausible in an environment with no real machinery to make m4s and bolt action rifles. It should be extremely difficult to go about on your own (not impossible), so making friends would be essential to getting a solid setup and source of food and materials. This game is on the verge of becoming great, and more importantly, DIFFERENT if they make it a true survival.

Dear Lord, thank you sir. Haha I was pretty convinced that this was going to die to “omg me no hax” threads.

Totally agree with you. I kind of made up the “crossbow shotty” on the fly. What do you think? That would be a “Rusty” weapon? Or you thinking of a different direction.

Yea I think it would. Anything that looks handcrafted. I am tired of MP5, 9mm, P250, who could actually make these things without a proper mold or factory to make the materials? There are so many things that you could use, even pick up a stick! It would make it so much more fun. If I want M4, sniper rifles and the such I can literally play 99% of first person shooters out there. There is not a point to play this if that is the case. I really think they are on to something. I like the ease of building but they need more materials (clay, stone, wood, metal, cloth(tent) and maybe different types of metal/stone depending on the quality and amount of materials you want). Farming would be a neat thing. Also, the ability to craft traps (bear trap, trip wire, net that snares someone, falling spikes, swinging logs). The potential is there. Will this be the one company that actually makes a survival game, and not a huge PVP deathmatch like Dayz or any other clone? We will see I guess.

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Was it a Myrish crossbow, by chance?

I had to look that up haha, but no that wasn’t the idea. I was picturing more of 3 fused together, one straight, and one angled like 45 degrees on either side.