Dev's Plan On Censoring Some Nudity

Well it seems that the dev’s want to censor some nudity.
The link explains everything by its self.

(Searched around didn’t see any threads showing this so thought I might let people know who don’t know or often check there trello)

This was literally discussed in the last thread that mentioned removing/censoring nudity, not even a day ago.

I am saying that they are actually planning on it not that I want it removed/censored


I have no idea what there full plan is but I think only small parts of the penis and butt will be covered with mud.

Servers can decide if it’s on or not so no worries for all you donger lovers.

ya, they better not fully censor

because i like to stick my penis in mud it brings me pleasure

You made my day :smiley:

This is bad…I mean VERY BAD. The nudity is what kept squeaky 11 year olds out of the game. If this gets removed…I will have to avoid anyone that has a gun and maybe even shoot them, because I KNOW that the odds of them being younger will be more likely…and my previous encounters with 11 year olds in games have never gone well.

This is the dumbest comment ever. Have you even played the game? 9 times out of 10 if you encounter someone with a gun they will shoot on site. There is no incentive to behave otherwise. I know I’m going to get a ton of replies like “hey I don’t sos!”, that’s great, but that is not my experience in the game. It becomes even worse on servers with more guys in Kevlar.

And before anyone says it… I shoot on site too, I’m not saying it’s right or wrong to do that, but to say that this change will cause that to happen all the sudden is just dumb!!

Well, it’s a probable reason. A few people on this forum suggested it, and some of my friends saw some sense in it. Now, I’m not saying that it will change everyone, but please do expect more of a younger audience to be present in the game. And every encounter I have had with a squeaker on DayZ has ended in blood with them shooting first. As a matter of fact, there were never any encounters…they just started shooting at me immediately before I even went for my mic.

Without nudity, how can you have moments like this?

It more likely going to be a command for admin/owner to enable or disable for players. So not all of it will be gone!

Butt covered with mud?It will look like we shat ourselves lol

See what I previously said on this subject:

This is so stupid, if they are going censor nudity do it in a way that makes sense like maybe i dont know, clothes? Not a giant black bar that makes it worse.

You people are never satisfied. :v:

Nope and won’t be for a while, but hey just want rust to be great