Devs please fix this....

I know it’s not necessarily a game breaking issue, but if you light a campfire inside your base, or even a lantern, the light very unrealistically spills outside alerting enemies that you’re home or that in the least your base is currently inhabited. Can’t tell you how many times this has gotten me raided or killed >.<
I could understand ALOT of light coming out of a twig base, a LITTLE light coming out a wood base, but solid stone walls and the entire area around my home lights up? C’mon guys, I’m beggin ya, please fix.

I’m sure the devs know this by now. You’re not the first player who reported it. :wink:

Yea that’s why I don’t even use lanterns. And only cook in the day time. the light bleed is way over-the-top

It’s obviously not this way by design. It’s a problem with unity and can by all means be fixed, but I imagine it would have quite a negative effect on performance if not implemented properly. With all the people complaining about optimisation I doubt this will be of any priority any time soon. It may not even be fixed until the game goes into beta.

Funny thing is that this situation has been since Legacy. I remember the Devs actually addressing this situation but it almost seemed like this was deliberately scrapped in fixing. I do not know, possibly they decided they actually thought it fit?

In Legacy, you could build between rocks. So this wasn’t that big of a problem. And I’ve learned to use a fire in day time. And I’ll never use a lantern. A long time ago lanterns were handy to hide one item in it, other than wood. But now we can make hidden stashes again.

Am not sure but does the same happen with the small furnace?

No, the light of small furnaces aren’t visible outside. But it’s been some time since I used them :stuck_out_tongue:

They do, but it’s very real. Lite glow. I love the way they are