Devs Please Fix

I love the door 5 min delay and sleeping bag delay BUT the whole “people can break walls and ramps”, is stupid.

Trolls will remove the ramps and block your door… AND what’s the point to break doors with slams (or whatever) if you can just break the wall (in 3 min).

I love the ideas of more expensive metal doors and cheaper nades.

Please fix. Thanks.

There is no reason walls should be indestructible.

I think that they should be very hard for a solo guy to break down, but a group of 5 should be able to tear down a few walls in half an hour.

It shouldn’t be too easy. Like one person destroying an entire building of 9x9 in 10 mins.

Think of it this way. This early in the game there is only wood infrastructures which is realistically breakable with a hatchet or pick-axe at some point. I’m positive Garry and his staff will implement other types of walls that require much more effort into infiltrating at some point.

Now, let me be completely honest… I’m the guy that roams the countryside with some friends and we go… Damn, that’s a freaking cool house. (snap a few screenshots before)

clink, chang, bong, boom…

(snap a shot afterward).

… or…

Dayam, I think I found our new base… :evilsmile:

Thats a very good point.

On the money