DEVs! We need a mapwipe :>

I think the map really needs a wipe now… placing structures and weapon changing is annoyingly buggy already … as well as general laggyness and bugged zombies/ disappeared compound structures etc …


I agree!

Main problem is that radiation-free structures not built by players that are shat with doors and barricades, so you can’t access the spawned goodies.

They should make a script so that you cant place structures within 50 meters of prop structures

Due to all the entities the server has started lagging,and now,I can’t switch to any of the stuff in the hotbar…

Yeah everything is very glitched out. Helk just said he’s map resetting :v: yay

Thank you devs :D,everything is working as it should now,the server was reset!

I haven’t played the game yet but is everything you do saved? Like is there one main server that everyone plays on?

So if there is a map reset, do we keep everything in our inventory?

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Are people to break any part of a structure or just the doors?

Doors and barricades.

we really need another wipe as all structures xept doors, crates are invisible and bugged, moreover its horrbily laggy =(


You know, if there is a wipe, everything will be gone, including doors.
Speaking of which, when I connected earlier, every player buildings were gone, and entities were still there, floating. Pretty sure this is not normal.

The dev’s will do it soon we can back to our RUSTY life :slight_smile:

Its that weird glitch theyve been working on, where the engine can only have so many activate entities before it gets all… well the way it is right now… map wipe needed badly though!