@Devs: Will you again wipe on 6 august ?

1st thursday off all month you do an update, couples hours ago, a lot of server wiped their map because of the update (FORCED).

But will you again force wipe on 6 august ? I’m a server admin and also a player, and i’d like to know if I should start now a new life or wait 6 days.


(Sorry my english sucks)

There was no forced wipe today. If your server wiped it was their decision. There will be a forced wipe on august 6th, this has been confirmed by Garry on this forum.

Hope that helps.


There was going to be, I think there’s been some confusion around that. On the 24th he (Gazzamataz) mentioned a force wipe at end of month.

A few server admins, including myself, adjusted map size/seed (new month ritual) waiting for the forced update this morning so it happened automatically and ended up wiping the server unnecessarily (assumed), awkward.

Time for a power week of building, raiding, and group hugs. :hairpull:

Hmm, I dont think you’re right. I did the server update, it was the same map seed, i got wiped witouth my agreement. I tried to reimplant my previous map, wasn’t possible, a lot of errors on console.

I saw that all the french servers also had a forced map wipe, you can check on community with
[FR] quote, they all changed their names with " Wipe map 30/07 ", and i asked some others admins,
they didnt had choice.

People should just watch this Twitter account for “Network++” and assume yes or no based on that. This is the sign that this patch would be a wipe (assuming this commit did make it into the weekly update build, which it appears to have).

People need to get over wipes and stop taking things so seriously.

There was confusion about it because Garry had posted it would be wiped at the end of the month. He then corrected that in another post saying that August 6th would be the next forced wipe. I’ve said before communication from this dev team could be better when it comes to these things. Obviously many admins find out at the last minute or thanks to rustafied but they’ve been on vacation this week.

Find the thread below titled “There’s a forced wipe on Thursday, the 30th of July.” You’ll see Garry’s response.

Shouldn’t have to rely on an outside website to clearly state when and what the update does.


Turk dood, seriously man, you gotta stop replying with such literal sentiment. This is early access. Not Alpha and surely not Beta.
As it states on the front page. Things will change

I also need to stop saying Alpha, a good point. It’s “Early Access”.

rushes off and corrects everything :disappoint:

So, I should wait until the new wipe or no one knows if we will have a forced one, twice in a week ?

None of my two servers wiped… There was no forced wipe.

How can you explain it so ? I swear i didn’t had choice about wiping my server !

my server didn’t get forced wiped either.

This is not helpful. OP is asking for some basic level of professionalism and communication. Thousands of people are playing this game. How hard is it to tell server owners correctly when the servers will wipe? It is easy - and it makes the game better if players know when to expect a wipe.

Telling people wipes are not important is stupid. If you put 10 hours in to a base, it would be nice to know if it will be gone tomorrow or a week or two later. It’s easy to try to give the correct information.

I am not complaining about FP or Garry’s message about the end of the month, but they should absolutely let server owners know when the forced wipes will come. People put a lot of time into running a Rust server and trying to make a good experience for players.

Amen! Some of us try to run high up-time servers with good follow-up on updates and provide the best possible gaming experience to our players. A lot of the negative comments bring nothing to the table. I don’t care if it’s early access, alpha or beta. It’s a great game that could be made better if the team listened more to the admins/owners who are trying to make this game fun.

No admin enjoys not knowing what’s coming next or when. Not if they care about their player base and server.

What host are you using? Maybe you/they messed up applying the update and hit the wrong buttons? I dunno…

Yeah, btw, can developper answer my question ? Will you wipe map or not on 6th ?

Oui, il y aura un wipe le 6 août. Je t’ai même donner le titre du thread ou le developeur l’a confirmé. Faudrait essayer de lire un peu mec.

i wouldn’t tell you a damn thing with that attitude.

He said " end of the month " not " beginning of august " tho’ :confused:

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Yeah sorry i’m kinda mad, i lost around 30 players with this forced wipe.
I opened my server on 24 July, had avergage of 25 players all time, and had 30
players when i did the update, and they lost their base etc, and left my server.

Now we are 5 guys having 0 fun because PVE is not our kind of gameplay, and i paid my
dedicated server for 3 months, about 500 euros

Cinderstar…It is what it is man. I mean, it’s not like there is not a ton of threads concerning this already. :unimpressed: