"devshots_screenshot" command producing a JPG?

I hope I’m asking in the right place… A bit of story first.

I recently discovered that a program I have actually has a decent video editor buried in it. I’d been watching Garry’s Mod animations, and this discovery made me want to at least try creating one of my own.

I did some research first, as I knew the game’s screenshot function creates jpgs, and I wanted at least some visual quality. I ended up finding out about the “devshots_screenshot” command, which produces a high quality TGA pic.

I set up a test scene, and started taking pictures. After about 28 pics, I tabbed out to get rid of some duplicates and bad frames.

Here’s where I found something wrong. Half the pics had ended up being JPG files instead of TGA files, despite the face I’d been only using the devshots_screenshot command.

Does anyone else have this issue? It’s a bit of a setback; I think I can bypass it, but having to alt tab out after every pic to check if I got a JPG or a TGA seems a bit much.

There are many programs where you can bind a key to automatically take a screenshot, in many different formats. If you can find one that exports to PNG that should be fine as it’s lossless compression