Dexter Morgan "Dark Passenger" Ragdoll

Please, If somebody could find the time to, I would like to ask about creating a Dexter Morgan “Dark Passenger” Ragdoll for a Machinima I’m going to be conducting.

Background: Dexter Morgan is from the Television show “Dexter”.
The role of Dexter in the show is played by the actor Michael C. Hall.


Dexter Morgan (Casual)

Dexter Morgan (Dark Passenger)

Michael C. Hall (Out of Show)

Other: If you need any further information, Please contact me.
I would be much obliged to help in any way I may. Thank you.
Also with the fear of coming off to blunt, If it isnt too much of a hassle, please recreate a Dexter Morgan ragdoll in Casual Clothing.
And an Additional Sorry for the… Over-sized Pictures…

hmm first jack Bauer now Dexter how many more tv characters will be requested today ??

I really need this done, Don’t criticize me.

I think is a good idea im a big fan of this series

The best Series on ShowTime!
Now all we need is someone to do it.

model or skin?

Do you have any side shots of the head?

there is right?

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Of course he’ll look more like the character once the textures are made.

oh god is perfect how you do that?

Oh My god.
Its amazing so far! Thank you so much

jizz in my pants, ive always wanted a dexter model!

I know, right?


I second this!

You mean you “Fifth” this

Looks very nice, wish I could get my hands on that model.

i too