Dexter Morgan

Hey all i was wondering if someone would be willing to make a Dexter model that can also be used as a player model ?

id really appreciate it if someone would give it a try



anyone ??

hmm dexter model could be done

So are you gonna do it

I’m sure there was a 3D game that would have a model of him. I think it was for the iPhone. Can models be ported from that? Hmm…

Yes there was a game released on the iphone as for a porting i wouldnt no tthe first thing of doing it are you going to give this a go ?

i did find this, maybe u could find the model i have looked myself how ever ive had no joy

Hahaha, wow, that Sim certainly does look like him :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m afraid I have no experience in modelling or porting or anything. Sorry.

haha ok no problem