Dexterity Rust Clan Recruitment

Hello, I’ve recently gotten back into playing rust (And have fallen in love, once again…) the majority of my friends no longer play the game, or are questioning joining in my adventures, thus, I shall be recruiting! Hopefully meeting some cool new people that enjoy playing Rust, and plan on dominating a server. I already have a couple friends who will be joining us, but I truly want to be strong and have tons of action! Everything is better when you have more people. I’ve played since the release and can hopefully lead a strong clan, so be prepared to take orders and take names. (notebooks not required)

Moving on, I want to be a semi-serious clan, having fun, but keeping world domination as the foothold for our clans aspirations. We’ll be using Teamspeak for our clans vocal practices, so if you have the intent on joining, you’ll need it. You’ll also need a mic, but if you’re shy, you don’t need to use it (much)! We’ll probably be playing mainly on an official west coast server, avoiding abusive staff and hopefully not running into any hackers. I’m looking to get anywhere from 10-20 ACTIVE people.

So, if you’re interested in joining the soon-to-be best clan on rust, and meeting some new people who enjoy gaming, fill this out, and i’ll get in touch with you!


How old are you?
How long have you played Rust for?
How many hours a day do you play?
Would you consider yourself a raider, builder or combat specialist?
Have you ever been in a Rust team, if so, why have you left?
Do you have a mic?
Do you have Teamspeak?
I can change my steam username to start with [Dex]?

(User was permabanned for this post ("No recruiting" - Jaanus))