DFF-TXD-OBJ-TGA-Converter Tutorial

How to convert *.DFF (GTA SA,GTA VC,GTA 3 -3d models) and *.TXD (GTA SA,GTA VC,GTA 3- textures)
to *.3ds or .obj ,.tga

3D STUDIO MAX - (Trial version - will do)
SCRIPTS KAMS_MAX -for 3ds max - to find - use google
TXD WORKSHOP 3.4 beta -to find -use google
PYTHON 2.6.4 -for Blender

1.Copy all files from KAMS_MAX to 3ds max folder
2.Open 3ds max - MAX Script - RUN script - find and choose gta_Tools - GTA_DFF_IO -open
3.Now you have window with GTA DFF IO and other gta tools
4.Choose -Import DFF-press Import DFF -find and open file *.DFF
then click on A (Auto skin after importing dff character)
5.close these window - go to MAX Script - RUN script - find and choose -GTA_MAp_IO-open
6.select your character/model - not one part - all
7.In window press TXD button -find *.txd textures and open -then press SET button
-if you have error then you must select character properly as one object.
8.Go to Export - and save as *.3ds or *.obj
9.close 3ds max - Open TXD WORKSHOP 3.4 beta - Open TXD - find *.txd textures -open
10.Press Export button -choose Export all textures to tga images - now you will have all textures in
*.tga format

11.Open BLENDER - IMPORT- 3DS - *.3ds file
12. Now you must do like in MDL-OBJ-Converter Tutorial -choose vertex group and add textures
one by one - it’s easy. (because you dont have to unwrap and set UV map by yourself -all UV map are set
just add textures )

If you choose *.obj format then When you Import choose -Import- OBJ- *.obj -separate object by OBJ -by groups
if this dont work then choose -separate object by OBJ - by Material ( dont choose both )

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