[DFN] Public Rust Server

So we finally decided enough is enough. After playing Rust for over 200h + and seeing server abandoned by the admins and owner, we finally threw in the blanket and created our own.

(UK) DFN | Mature + Active Admins | Sleepers | PVP | CheatPunch

Server IP “
Mumble IP “
3. Daily active admins “Redthread, Rizzix, MoistendBint
Server restart every 12 Hours
Vac and Cheatpunch Enabled
Server location “London
Mumble Server.
No Wipe.
No Admin Abuse.
No Griefing.
PvP and Raiding Always allowed.
Cheaters and Hackers will be banned within minutes.
If sudden event, a compensation will be given.
Always up to date!

Got any questions? Just reply to this topic or send me a pm. You can also Contact us trough steam.
Any thing left behind will be updated later today.