DFrame is not appearing for one person?


I’ve created an addon that features a vending machine that brings up a menu on your screen with selections when you press E on it.

This is accomplished using net messages and DFrames and similar functions, the addon has worked fine until I have recently received a complaint from a user that using the vending machine fails to bring up this menu for them.

This failure was reported by them in both SP and MP in case anyone wants to know.

Looking back at the code, I am unable to find any reason for this to occur, it’s not terribly long or complicated but can anyone tell me if there is something inherently wrong I have done or have forgot to do?

This was also my first addon I ever created.

Thank you for your time.

Code Below.

Have you tried checking to see if its the menu not appearing or the net message not being received. You can try adding a print inside the net.Receive bit to see if they are even receiving the net message.

I have not, but that is a good idea.