Dharma's White Forest Station

This is just a short I made about the LOST reference in Half Life 2: Episode 2. Enjoy!!!

OMG I love LOST :smiley:
Lost is my life.

Nice video

Thanks, Im a big fan of LOST, too! And an even bigger fan of Half Life!

As a LOST fan, I really liked this too, but it would have been perfect if you used npcs for the walking bits, as well as getting rid of that Fraps logo. Either way, I still loved it.

Thanks man. I hate that damn fraps watermark too, Im going to get the full version soon. Im kind of new to gmod, how do you get npcs to walk from one point to the other??

You can do this by simply using the console while looking at the npc. Type npc_select , then while looking around you can look at any spot on the ground you want him to goto, then type npc_go in the console. You can bind a key to npc_go to make things easier if you want.

The ending was kinda like, wtf… But it was pretty good, looked realistic.

As a critic, id say 6/10 for this short peice. Which is good, Please make more.

Alright, thanks! That will make things much easier.


will do, thanks!

Great job, i liked the part where he was gearing up and stuff.

Love lost too :slight_smile:

Thanks, it took me hours to get those shots just right!

Fantastic, Did better than what i would of done.

Was the vorgaunt a think you thought of to mix with hl2 ep2 or does it have to do with lost

i havent seen 4th season yet

The computer and the Dharma logo were actually put in that little room by the game developers. I just added all the furniture and stuff for the video. I also put Uriah (that vortigaunt with the lab coat) there to kinda help give the location of the room. Whats also cool is when you play Episode 2 in Developer Commentary mode there is a little commentary node you can click on and they will tell you all about it.

That’s awesome

my bro used my orangebox as soon as i bought it on his account

i haven’t played ep2 yet

Excellent video. 7/10 for the effort. I’ve never seen Lost, but it definitely looks like you worked on making the video look GREAT. although, I recommend you download the Fists swep, you can have your character put his arms by his side, instead of having camera out. Also, get catmull-rom cinematic cameras or moving cameras so that you can make camera movement instead of going into camera mode and using WASD.

Aside from that stuff, the direction was NOTHING SHORT OF WIN. You portrayed the actions on the screen very VERY clearly, and I understood what I was watching. Unlike some videos, you made this one short and sweet. It was brief, but the content in the video was VERY heavy. It was a joy to watch.

Hey Fumples, thanks man. Yeah I just got the catmull-rom cams yesterday and Iv been experimenting with them and they just work a thousand times better than no-clip cam mode. Damn, I wish I had known about this Fists swep thing before I made the video. I will difinatly look that up after this. Thanks again!

No problem. Was a great video.

Great scenebuild and cinematography.

Could use a bit of touching up here and there but overall extremely well done. A clever parody idea with pretty good execution. A gold star for you sir.