DHTML panel tabbing

Hai! Is it possible to allow a DHTML panel to open new tabs? Because some pages got the target="_BLANK" attribute, which forces a new tab.

Could you not just create a series of buttons at the top, And maybe say there should be six tabs, Have 6 DHTML panels but only show one depending on which button was last pressed, This may sound weird but I know what I mean xD

I mean, if you click on a video as example, some open a new tab in your normal browser, in the DHTML it plays the video in the background without viewing it, and it needs a rejoin of the game, therefore I want real tabbing, not multiple DHTML panels.

Tabs are part of whatever browser you use, there is no functionality for it in the dhtml panel. The only way you are going to achieve this is with multiple dhtml panels I think you will also need to use javascript to override every link being clicked and call your own lua function instead.