DHTMLControls + Tabbing = Bad

I tried to add the DHTMLControls + DHTML + DPropertySheet, but the controls cut off the top of the website, and I dont seem to get it fixed, here is a rip of of one try I did:

local browser = vgui.Create( "DHTML", tab5panel )
	browser:OpenURL( settings.newsurl )

	local ctrls = vgui.Create( "DHTMLControls", tab5panel ) -- Navigation controls
	ctrls:SetWide( frame:GetWide())
	ctrls:SetPos( 0, 0 )
	ctrls:SetHTML( browser ) -- Links the controls to the DHTML window

There were some more(SetSize of the DHTML worked kinda, but the whole website was cut off…)

and when I click somewhere on a website url, the DHTMLControls get killed.