Diagonal brushes.

Hello. For a long time now, I have been trying to figure out what the best way of creating diagonal brushes is. I know of four different methods of doing this, which one of them we shall not speak of.
I have recreated three of those methods, and they give different results. Those three, are showcasted in the image below.

So, let’s say I want to create a balcony with a 45 degree angle on the “railing”. What’s the best way of doing this? The red lines show the original brush. The green lines show how I shaped the brush.


The first example is made using the clipping tool. Snapping on the grid. Obviously, the result isn’t very great, seeing as the diagonal brush is alot thinner than the other brushes.

The second example is made using the clipping tool, this time though, I clipped the 45 degree angle of the grid. This isn’t very appealing either, since the diagonal brush is now alot thicker than the other brushes.

The third example, also (and obviously) with the clipping tool. I made the other brushes 64 units longer, then I clipped on the 32 unit mark of the extra 64 units I added. This gives the best effect, though, it takes more time to perform.


What’s the best way of creating a “diagonal railing” like this?

Also, sorry for the huge image.

Third is the one I always use. It gives the best looking results and is just as easy to make with the vertex manipulation tool.

Is there any trick on how to hit the “32 unit mark”? Or do I have to do it the time consuming way?

Edit : I guess I COULD lower the grid size… But I love my 64 unit size. :frowning:

Being able to easily work with different grid sizes is a huge part of mapping.

Third one is off-grid.

No it’s not. It’s just not on the 64 scale grid.

I see.

I’d say vertex manipulation. Create the horizontal and vertical brushes and then another brush the same size as the horizontal one with the two ends meeting and drag the two loose corners down to meet up with the vertical brush.

I was always thinking inside the box, but now that I have seen the third one my diagonal walls can always be the same width! :razz:

Third one is clearly the best. The time spent making it will be both worth it and will dwindle away as you continue to do it.