Diagonal-Shooting Projectiles

I am trying to get a rocket projectile to shoot diagonally instead of across the horizontal plane. I am not sure what to modify to do this: the push trigger or something else?

What? from a person shooting an rpg or what?

From walking into a trigger_multiple. So far it all works, the rocket shoots and everything. I just need to know a way to modify the angles of the rockets.

while in midair? AKA: goes straight then turns?

I’d like it to be pushed diagonal from the getgo

well, one thing you can do is, make an npc_bullseye, name it “bob” or so, and when the player activates the trigger, the thing that shoots the rocket shoots at “bob”. Just place “bob” where you want the rocket to land.

Little hint, name all your entities something sensible…ie, not bob.

thanks for the input

Why is that dumb stiffy?

If you call your entities stupid things, you will have hell finding them again, especially when you have complex entity systems.

It was sort of a given that “bob” was just a name for the sake of the example.

I never use bob as an example name. Because you are essentially teaching bad habits, and we don’t need any more 3kliks…

And people who take these example names and actually use them in their maps deserve to get lost in complicated systems for their stupidity.

True…but you know that will come back to haunt the mapping section here. When they create a help thread with the most obscure names for everything, and expect us to know what their system should be doing and what links into what.

It’s better to just teach good naming habits. Saves pain on both sides of the fence.