Dialogue and Cutscenes within Gmod

Well I was Told I could make Conversations in Garrys Mod Gamemodes like in the style of Fallout(Where the NPC talks and you have a list of things to respond with, and the NPC Responds back.)Is that true? Can I do that in my Gmod Gamemode with an NPC? If so can someone point me where to go to learn how to do that? Also can I make cut scenes inside my Gmod Gamemode through an NPC(Like when you talk to the NPC It starts a cutscene only the person talking to the NPC Can see?) I just wanna know are either of those Possible through Lua scripting, and if so can someone get me started on it, or point me to a tutorial or something I can learn it from? It would be a big help! Thanks!


<===== Like that for the Dialogue, only in Gmod.

yeah so

you’ll need a vgui framework for it and then all you need to do is add the options and where they lead to when clicked,
then you need to network it serverside
it’s a lot of work, to be fully honest

You also need to make a sequence(which I dont know how, probably by editing the model)

Who told you that was possible? This would be really difficult to accomplish.

This is very possible. Take a look at Exho’s work and Szymekk’s work

Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BS8LPfGy_ig

You don’t have to edit the model, just move it’s face flexes;

Look at Entity:GetFlexNum(), Entity:SetFlexScale(id,scale) and Entity:SetFlexWeight(id,weight)

A flex if I recall correctly is a flexible component on a ragdoll not sure if it works the same for NPC’s but you can try.

Thanks to everyone who replied. I’ll try it when I get a chance, I’m getting very mixed replies so hopefully those that say it works are right. Thanks to everyone!!

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YES EXACTLY LIKE THAT! Only you know smooth chat. Not some blocky Siri talk. But the talk and respond is what I want! And it is possible! Ha! Suck it world! Thanks a ton for showing me that!

I meant difficult in the sense that he’s not Exho…

Useless nekroposting…
Also what had been done in the video is not that hard.
Also to the OP, if you dont want it so “blocky” then you need some “good” quality voice, or do some rigging/animating yourself, machines cant do everything for you.