Diary of a 1st Murder

So if you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know that I’m a solo player. I have 72 hours in the game. I’ve never had a gun other than a pistol. I’ve never had a single piece of advanced equipment or armor. My zombie killing sprees and rad town runs have never proven very fruitful. So I mainly stick to myself, gather resources and build bases. If I’m running around and see people, I generally run away. Obviously 95% of the people I actually do run into, kill me instantly. The small percent who don’t, we say hi to each other and then go on our merry way. I’ve never killed a living person in game, until today. Sure I’ve raided some bases with wood doors and killed sleepers, but never a live person. Mainly, because I’m a peaceful guy and I don’t like making enemies. And I’d like to eventually meet people I can learn to trust and form a clan or server community.

So today, I login, I got out and I’m naked with nothing but a hatchet and some bandages, and I make resource run to my favorite spot, and I see someone is putting up a new base right in the middle of the resource field. It’s only like 7-8 foundations and a bunch of pillars at this point, no walls or doors. But I see 2 new shacks with closed wooden doors right next to it, likely the guys building the new base. I run over to scope it out. So naturally, I start hacking away at one of the shack doors with my hatchet and when the door goes down, I see a player in full cloth armor just standing there. I said, “Hi” in voice chat. No response. I typed something in chat like, “Whoops, didn’t know anyone was home”. I wait. I wasn’t going to attack him. Thats not who I am. That’s not what I do. I’m waiting, and I realize he must be AFK. Now I’m like going over in my head whether or not to strike. Knowing that I’ve been killed a million times by people. It’s about survival! Be a man! Kill him! But he could be a noob, and being a noob sucks, and its so frustrating to spend time building something as a noob and when it all gets taken can be devastating. Fuck that, nobody would hesitate to kill you.

All of a sudden I see movement…I hear him say, “Hello”…My mind goes frantic, I don’t want to die, I start swinging my hatchet. I kill him. I take his loot. Like 100 chicken breasts, some leather, cloth armor, couple hundred wood, some walls, planks, lots of animal fat, some metal fragments and a hatchet. Then I start feeling bad, so I didn’t raid the other shack, went back to my base to put the new walls up, lol. But I felt totally guilty. I even posted in chat that I may not be cut out for rust as I felt guilty for killing this guy. And of course he was pissed and starts saying the usual stuff people say after they die, when not killed by a hacker, I mean. I actually offered to give him his chicken breast and hatchet back, as those are the biggest pains when you have to start over. He responded with something like, “Keep it, Fuck this game!”. And then I felt REALLY guilty. Because I made him feel that way. I certainly don’t want to discourage people from playing the game. And we’ve all had that moment where we’ve said that. And since I understood exactly how he was feeling, I just feel kinda shitty right now, lol. Now I’m just like everyone else in the game. What has Rust turned me into???

Of course, there is a part of me that feels very satisfied and proud of myself for taking that next step, lol.

I just thought I’d share and see if others have had those same internal conflicts. Feel free to share your first murder stories as well. Could be a fun thread.

dude calling the police right now you murderer

you’ll be feeling a lot more guilty behind a jail cell

If someone is going to quit because they lost cloth armor and chicken breasts I don’t see why they bought the game to begin with. Those things are meaningless.

On the other hand, killing people who have nothing but cloth armor has nothing to do with survival.

He had armor, I didn’t. He could have killed me if he’d gotten the bead on me.

People will say anything to justify their actions.

Hahaha…this is true.


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If you think about it though, it worked. They abandoned building that base, and I haven’t had to fight with him over the resources.