Dick Justice - Demoman Cop with Shuttershades, and his sidekick Heavy

I lol’d. I thought this was going to be a horrible sex pose when I read the title though.

I like it a lot, but the shuttershades seem a bit crooked.

Max Payne reference for the win!

Loving the Demoman.

There’s a pyro?


I mean demoman… silly me

OLOL quite nice.

What the crap, nobody else than me rated him funny? Cmon guyyys!

Ugh, i hate those sorry excuse for shades.

Nice pose anyway.

Title updated to sound less like a sexpose

Kind of makes it far less funny though when you click on the thread.

Thank you for making my day.:buddy:

‘‘gentleman, we have a problem.’’

“Dick Justice” is not a descriptive thread title

For those who don’t understand the reference with the name:

Skip to 08:53.

Agreed, although that isn’t the reason you stated for changing the thread title.

If you know a better title for this, feel free to suggest it though

Oh my God that is awesome.

How many badasses can this forum handle?