Dictionary of what makes clients crash.

I’ve been experiencing some problems with my SRCDS server, and I am assuming it’s something that’s from clientside which is causing my players to “time out” ( its more then just occasional )
Now I don’t know everything that could crash a player on the clientside, I know a few bugs that cause it but I’m positive there is way more.

Basically, if you know any section of codes that will crash a player, please post it here!

if ( input.IsKeyDown( IN_SCORE ) ) then // i guess from using a IN_SCORE inside the wrong function


If you’re looking for help with your specific situation you’re asking in a weird way.

For your list, there’s always the common:
–All three of those will crash the client if you don’t call cam.Start<Blah>() beforehand.

Other than that, I had a situation where my client AND server was crashed when I created a headcrab canister entity with a headcrab type that didn’t exist.