Did 2/25 patch wipe official servers?

Just wondering whether I’m going to logon tonight to find all my stuff gone? or…??

Was this really thread worthy? Why not log on and find out later?

How about login and look?


Well played MrTHC, well played.

Is it outside raining?

Stand UP and see for you self.

arrogance is a bless

Cant logon from my phone. Id get a more courteous response from a pile of dog shit. Thanks for your responses, smart asses.

lol that made me laugh

I think the point is: what’s the difference? If we tell you that it’s all gone it doesn’t change anything… If it’s there then it’s there, if not then it’s not…

Crap thread 101 – right here.

Id like to know whether I should start looking for a new server, or not. Its a legitimate question, but who cares? I shouldnt expect squat from this community.

No, it did not force wipe any servers. However i get a feeling a lot of server owners will be using this update to wipe anyway.

Ah, but you can look for a new server by yourself?

Thank you.