Did GMod just update?

Did Garrysmod just update? Because it did for me, and now my multiplayer server list looks different when I check the “Show Maps” box. Did anyone else get this? And now I can’t join servers on account of different class tables on every server.


By “Just” I mean like, 3 minutes ago.

My one just updated.

yeah Garrys to fucking retarded to test a fucking update on servers before he releases them!

What do you mean tommygun

He means scriptenforcer breaking derma skins. No biggie if the host has half a brain - disable scriptenforcer and write a quick Lua anticheat if they didn’t already have one.

well like AGAIN hundreds of servers are fucked cos of another crappy update which wasn’t needed! YES RAGE!


No idea what your on about but sounds like it could help

Servers aren’t fucked, they need to update. Like with most updates. It isn’t a new phenomenon.

Would seem GMod update 90 just came out.

Oh, ok. Also, now I get a Ddl error half the time, what gives? Can’t even start Gmod now…

Erecting a problem over here.
When VGUIs are called to open the game crashes almost every time.

extazys DP explains my emotions right now

Pretty much everything screwed up, crashing chance is 1/3 per minute now

cant connect to my servers :frowning:

Update them

well they the servers i play not mine lawl


Fixed datapack client crash when trying to join misconfigured server

Fixed crash in point_viewcontrol 

Increased max ragdoll bones to 32 

Fixed manhack crash 

Fixed weaponless combine npc crash

Fixed Lua related NPC crashes

Fixed unclickable message boxes

Fixed crash when trying to retrieve the gamemode description

Added surface.DrawCircle( x, y, radius, color ) 

Added surface.DrawTexturedRectUV( x, y, w, h, scalex, scaley )

Added Panel:SizeToChildren()

All servers need to do a steam update for you to be able to connect to them.

All my Counter Strike weapons and models are broked. I have no idea if it was the Gmod update or the just-now CSS one.

You need to play CSS and it will be fine, happens nearly every major update for me