" Did he see me...? "

Got ahold of Killing Floor, and this Great model pack. Decided to make a pose or two. Also, this is my first try on blood, but i think i got it all Nice n’ Good. And pardon me for the dark light.


Looks pretty good mate, Although it is maybe a little do dark on the trooper.


can’t see shit.

Pretty freaky.

It’s hard to see…

Yeah maybe upload a brighter version?

My eyes are terrible. Sitting in front of a TV/PC doesn’t do wonders on my eyes. Could upload a brighter version please?

Hey stop guys, increase the brightness of your screen or buy real eyes, I can see easily the " Soldier ".

Good pic, I can see it fine… btw, where did you get the kf model pack?

dloe48, the model-pack can be found Here

Also, i know the picture is rather Dark, but i myself can see it pretty good. It was meant to be even darker. But i trashed the idea. But still, thanks for the replies. Keep on writing, guys!

Who said what?