"Did I ever tell you about the time me an Keith went to hell?


Trust me, the background looks bad, which is why I made sure you can’t see it.
http://filesmelt.com/dl/cs_heavenhell0001.jpg if you really want to see it.

Just realized it could be a bit too bright:


Did I ever tell you 'bout the time me and Keith had a dream where we played DooM 3 together?

Keith looks scared shitless. Good light. Have wood.

Did the brighter or darker one look better to you?

I always like your work dem


Love the faceposing.

Both looks just fine.

I like this.

I expected some optimistic things. Good work nonetheless.

My first thought was this:


Keith and Ellis’s zombiefied journey! Featuring Coach as the Grandma who wants a kiss, and the Jockey as the grim reaper.

loved it.

awesome face pose!

and i prefer the brighter one!

Yeah, it looks much better bright.

Alright, now what’s all this about wood and stone and food and such?

Facial Expressions are too exaggerated(On Ellis)

I prefer the darker one, lighter one looks like they are in a holy presence.

looks good, although the expression on Ellis is quite… uh…

Cartoony? I don’t know, he does make cartoony faces in L4D2 anyway.