Did I ever tell you the definition...of Rock 'n F'n Roll?

I thought I’d get in soon before Vaas screenies are everywhere. Thread music:

First Person View

Non-First Person View

Shorter Grass (FPV)

Shorter Grass (w/o FPV)

And without the ingame effects:


I decided against uploading any more variants. Sorry for uploading so many lol, I thought they were all worthy.

And I guess a bonus that I did some time ago. This one is like a Where’s Wally only it’s Where’s the Evil Ghost People from Fallout 3.
There are 5 to find:

Feel free to tell me if this didn’t deserve a thread, and if you see anything I can improve on, please share <3

The saturation and contrast are pretty high, should tone them down a bit. Shorter grass fpv is definitely the best of the bunch. Not entirely sure what Vaas is sitting on, though.

Posing is all sorts of funky, the saturation also does not help.

Good picture, but the jpeg compression didn’t exactly make the viewing experience pleasant.

the oversaturated colors really hurt my eyes

My eyes!

Damnit they looked better on gmod…
I’ll reload the save and fix up the saturation for you guys if you want :slight_smile:
Really, really sorry…
Anything else to brush up on whilst I’m in-game?

If you’re going for a POV look remove the grass that is cutting through our body, it obscures the arms and just looks silly.