Did I just hallucinate or did I saw some Left 4 Dead 2 Sweps.

So they were in packs,like shotgun,rifle,pistols and the SMG’S.

i didn’t want to download them since my GMod was fucked up,but was I hallucinating?

Did they even exist?They were on the front page,now I searched tru and I can’t find them in the garry’smod website.They even made a thread on FP.
Wh-what the hell happened?

You saw them. They finally made Left 4 Dead 2 Sweps.

All I could find

O’ fuck!
Thanks Game.I thought it was the random hallucinations.

No no no
Best ones :

No, those one’s are very glitchy. I tried shooting Dr. Kleiner in the face, but he ended up being swung into space.

Epic win :stuck_out_tongue: