Did I just hear something? Zombie lurking through a near forest. . .


you only cut background, paste it and made a small edit and its all

I know what I did mate. How do you like it?

If you add more zombies i will like it

Was my first time doing it so its just a test.
Next thing im going to do is Godzilla picture with giant spinosaurus. Goddamn I have to thank Hayate for telling me this technique it just looks so much better.

And whats your point? It looks great, dosn’t matter how he did it.

Thanks darius.
Lol why did somebody rate me late?

No it doesn’t, the characters never match up with the bg

Dude it does.
If not where doesnt it match up and if you say everywhere im going to palmface so hard that my hand will break trough my head.

Who the fuck cares how it’s done. It’s the end result that matters. I like it. Background and zombie blends nicely. One zombie is enough. No point in overcrowding the scene with a background like that. Love the zombie model. Have a palette:)

Thank you Rastifan!
I wanted to take a model that looks like a forest worker and I think it fits pretty good. I always love your critism!

Character fits fairly well. Neck looks odd though.

Thank you kindly Chesty :slight_smile:
Hmm yeah thanks for telling me he looks like a giraffe lol.

Nice blend in Combine, you are surely improving alot on your pictures.
The greenish lights on the zombie really helps the blending and its nice.

Have an artistic.

Thanks Santz.
I really like this new technique.
Thats my last bump in this thread but I want some more critism!

hes got a screwdriver :3

nice pic btw


The zed looks a tad too green, but whatever. Maybe some more details, but it’s fine as is.

His head looks pretty stiff, or like, it’s just outstretched too far, kinda like he broke his neck. But other than that it’s ok.

I like it, nice atmosphere, sounds like a horror movie to me lol. Artistic.


You’re an editing god, we should all follow your advices carefuly… we’d learn a lot. :v:
No, seriously, when is this little kiddy going to get banned? He just whines at people criticising his cra… screenshots and then post bad replies to other’s threads.

Back on the picture : It’s pretty good, the Zombie is incrustrated perfectly.