Did I miss something? (building levels)

So I’ve been watching experimental, logging in every week or two. Well I got busy with work and didn’t log in for like 3 weeks. Well I logged in last night and decided that things are looking pretty good. So I decided to build a house and actually PLAY. Then i started building… and noticing the building levels.

Have I missed something? or does Garry expect us to throw a rock on the mouse for 5 minutes for every fucking building panel? it takes forever…its not interesting… like…wtf.

Next thing you know you’ll have to collect charcoal out of the furnace 1 piece at a time.

BUT that being said, its possible that I missed something and there is a faster way of upgrading the walls… sooooooo yeah.


yeah I too agree that sitting here at my computer, smacking a virtual wall for about an hour just so some naked asshole with a hatchet cant knock down my house and take my hours + worth of work is not what I would call fun.

But, I do like the idea of a building tier system, and that anything that can be built can be destroyed.

So, I guess its a trade off. It does help immensely to have more than one person hammering the walls, but like I said I agree that its repetitive and a somewhat flawed aspect of the current building system.

they made the walls look ugly, that’s what you missed buddy.

Well I do like the multi tiered wall system…

but for the sake of all that is good in this world, make it so we have to go collect different resources or something.

I mean sure garry wants it to be “real”… but wtf… who on their team thought this was a good idea?

At least when you are beating endlessly on trees and rocks you move around a little bit, you have to worry about people and animals…

but with the walls, quite literally I macro’d that shit and walked away… how is that fun?

Yeah, I’m not sold on it yet. I prefer the idea of crafting prefab walls out of materials like in legacy. There could be some middle ground though. An upgrade system where you are able to upgrade your current house, however, it’ll never be as strong as making a new house with panels made completely out of stone or metal.

They are called placeholders.

yeah I know the game is in development, and I could care less about the textures…

but this never ending hold’n click is stoooopid

Also remember there will be higher grade tools metal hammer etc I bet they will build faster.

That’d be nice, because as it is now… IMO its not worth playing.

(I know its only building walls…but base building/protecting is easily 80% of the game right now. And its sooo unfun, I would rather go watch the voice with my wife then play “hammer the fucking wall till you drop”

It’s fun to me but I’m into those Age of Empire type games. I get that players want to build and go but for me, building timers are an essential part of game balance. It encourages group play for large structures as a team can simultaneously hammer the same walls to speed the process. Of course, they don’t have to be upgraded but because they’re so weak right now, it needs upgrades. I just hope they give early levels a substantial buff to last way longer against attacks, then add a gradual decaying system as they previously mentioned on some devblogs.

Well I love age of empires, LOVE IT!..but I don’t’ remember endlessly clicking forever…

…but that being said, you are right it does encourage groups and teamwork. So I dunno…maybe I need friends


I’m kind of wondering if the intent is to bring people together. If doing it alone takes a (seemingly) long time, shouldn’t I find someone willing to work with me? 2 people is twice as fast AND twice as safe…Until I shove a shotgun up your ass I guess. (unless you’re into that)

I mean having upgraded hammers would be cool, but it should still take at least SOME time to build a wall, time/reward costs and all that bullshit.

But when when when it be? On the next year? When fix light from torch and lantern? When fix sounds in new patch?
Still only promises, too bad ;(

When learn patience? You better buckle up kid, this game probably won’t be finished for a while : /

Pissing myself laughing, it’s really bad if you’d rather go watch “The Voice” with your wife!

The idea is that you shouldn’t be able to place a wall and just have it be pretty much indestructible from the start. It should take work to make your building near indestructible.

It takes half as long if you get a friend to help you.

Finding your friend on the current setup is the issue though. The time of day being client side at this point doesnt help when you describe a landmark when its still midnight on their end.

Yes I must say, it is killing any chance for me to get my friends interested in playing again as they simply cannot find me. The old map didn’t have this problem. Could do with some kind of navigation system.

Well, they’re working on landmarks right now. Soon enough you’ll have plenty point of references for a meet up.

It really doesn’t take long to make a small lvl 6 house such as a single level 2x1 to keep valuable things safe in the current iteration. It is well worth the time investment, and would take a raider longer to knock down one panel (2+ hours) than for you to build the whole thing. Can’t see a problem here. If you want a giant base at level 6 then buy your mates a beer and get them to work. Or just consider it a project you work on over time, and keep a small secure area for your valuables.

Finding your friends isn’t rocket science even with the lack of very distinct landmarks. Find a high vantage point (both of you), work out directions using the sun, work out which biome you are in and their relative position, then find a place you can identify to meet.