Did I miss something? (building levels)

Wasn’t this fixed monthes ago?

To my knowledge the sun is working as intended. I found my friends on two separate occasions the other day in rust using just the sun.

Yeah I suppose, I guess I’ll have to give up rust though. All my buddies I played with are not “grinders” and the wall system will turn them off in a heart beat.
I’m in by no way a fan of legacies “FPS” theme, I don’t mind a grind (sometimes) but just holding down 1 button for 3-5 minutes per panel is dumb. Least throw up some porn so I have something to do in the meanwhile.

If I wanted to grind on MMO levels, i’d go play a MMO

Oh well, dayZ is still fun. :confused:

Well if so something broke it again. I was on the standard branch last night. My friend was in the same room. His was showing like midnight when it was morning on mine. So yea, landmarks didnt help.

Should I report this as a bug? The server I was on wasn’t modded.

Fair enough, so is this really the best way to do it?

I understand the push for realism, but large chunks of standing mostly motionless pressing one button over and over again isn’t very appealing. Even less for casual players.

If you are going to use a system like this without the mindless one-button grind, you could make the toughness time-based. Walls that are freshly put up can be knocked down more easily, ones that have been there for a long time much harder, with a cap on how strong the wall will eventually be. Think of it as ‘letting the glue dry’ or something. Maybe still have a decent time requirement to create and place items, just have it so each particular type of wall ‘levels up’ naturally? Not sure.

I just know that my primary enjoyment in Rust has always been building bases. If that part is going to involve large amounts of time in a ‘one button press, stand motionless’ grind, I think it might be enough to push a fair amount of the player-base into looking towards other games.

IMO, if they really wanted to go for “realism” instead of making the walls take longer to build… they should require more/different resources.

So wood walls

level 1 takes 200 wood
level 2 takes 300 wood

level 3 takes 100 stone and 100 wood and turns it into concrete texture…
level 4 takes 150 stone 200 wood etc. etc…

But in real life, you don’t build a wall stronger by pounding on the same nail for an extra 15 hits… thats stupid.

AND if they did it by resources, then you’d still get the “grind” that garry wants, but you would be running around…and have some risk… not just standing in one place, holding one button.

I’m either waiting for my wall to be crafted (legacy), or I’m waiting for my wall to be upgraded while whacking it with a hammer.

You couldn’t really do a whole lot while crafting building parts in legacy because of the slowed movement and sometimes the requirement to be next to a work bench. It’s really no different than the new crafting system; just a different concept. Sure, I didn’t have to hold down a button to upgrade my walls, but I still pretty much had to stand in one spot and wait. Usually I’d bring up a web browser while waiting for building parts to be crafted. Now I can’t do that. Not really a big deal. And like Garry said, with a friend or two; it’ll go much faster.

I’m still indifferent, but it’s not a huge burden like some are making it out to be.

In fact, in the end it might even be faster with the new upgrading system. In legacy, if you wanted to upgrade your walls, you couldn’t. You’d have to build an entirely new base. So you have your initial crafting time for the wood walls, but now you must start crafting all over again for your metal base. And then guess what? In your new base, you must craft new furnaces, doors, beds, sleeping bags, storage crates…by simply upgrading your house with a hammer, you don’t have to worry about building new furnishings since your house will already have that stuff in it.

I just made myself move from indifferent on the new building system to loving it.

I’ve come up with a somewhat simple solution for tools being used to break walls down… a picture explains it best.


Example; Assuming rock does 20 damage, against a tier 2 wall will do 6 damage per hit and not 20. Assuming a metal hatchet does 30 damage, against a tier 2 wall will do 19.5 damage per hit and not 30.

Bonus is that a rock is useless against higher tier walls.

But, a metal hatchet should do more damage to timber wall than a pickaxe, so maybe a bonus modifier could be added in. The pickaxe vs stonewall should get a bonus modifier as well perhaps.

But it’s already like this, no ?
We must already use stone/metal to upgrade our walls

You are correct, and me being stupid forgot to put the this in there:

Walls build instantly.

So Once you go out and collect the proper amount of resources (which will still have the grind that garry wants) then you go back, and build/upgrade the walls instantly.

Now you could change the amount of resources needed, so instead of spending 20 seconds collecting resources, and 5 minutes pounding wood.

it would be 5 minutes collecting resources, and 5 seconds pounding wood.

That way you still get garrys grind, but instead of staring on one wall, and holding down one button, listening to one sound effect for 5 minutes.

you get to walk around and actually see new things, and have to be cautious. etc… for 5 minutes.

Same amount of overall time per wall, but way more interesting. IMO

Your idea seem good, but i think building should still require some (little) time.
if not, we could build huge building in an istant if we have enough resources and it’s not good gameplay wise.
When we build, we are outside and defensles. It’s a risk we have to take into considération and i think this is a gameplay element that gary wishe in is game.

your right on a couple points, the first being this is the gameplay that garry apparently wants… doesn’t mean I think its fun.

2nd point you made, you are outside and defenceless while building a house… but for how long? enough for 4 foundations and 8 walls?

you can do all the upgrading and building “up” from inside a house… so not a whole lotta risk there.

But lets say you HAD to build from the outside (for whatever reason)… you are staring at a wall/floor the entire time, so it’d be pretty easy to come up and bolt action you from behind… not a whole lotta gameplay there IMO.

Last but not least, if you are upgrading your walls from the outside… you probably deserve to die XD